Thursday, September 18 at 8:00 PM
Joe Kilgallon Returns!

Special guest Dean Carlson, hosted by Tony Valle

The last Kilgallon show SOLD OUT in 3 days. That will happen again. Get tickets RIGHT NOW.

Born and raised in Chicago, Joe Kilgallon has been performing stand-up comedy since 2006. With a background in improv and sketch writing, Joe fuses well-polished material with riffing and crowd work to construct a perfectly well-rounded act. His in-your-face style and charismatic charm help Joe paint stories drawn heavily from personal experience and his Chicago-Irish roots, making him an instant favorite and the type of comedian everyone wants to share a drink with after the show.

Friday, Sept. 19th

Saturday, Sept. 20th

Sunday, Sept. 21st
6pm (Matinee)

Murder! At the WIP
$35 (Includes Dinner Buffet!)

The action takes place at The Mouldering Pines Inn, where the Bogeyman Outreach Organization (BOO), a support group for ghosts, is holding its annual convention. 

Will Madam Zelda help the ghost relocate? Will the Lodges stop arguing long enough to get their hands on the treasure map? Is the Professor who he claims to be? And who committed the murder? The murder? That’s right—the murder! Someone will be ruthlessly murdered at the end of the show, and it’s up to you to solve the crime! Prizes will be awarded to the first people to correctly guess both the murderer and the motive.


7pm - Dinner (6pm Sunday Matinee)
8pm - Showtime! (7pm Sunday Matinee)

1. First you eat dinner. A delicious buffet dinner starts at 7pm (until 7:45) at the Emerald Isle. 
During dinner, strange characters will be around. What are they doing? Who are they? Should you be...... suspicious?!

2. Then, you see a show. You will be escorted from the restaurant to the theater.

3. SOLVE A MURDER! At the end of our 1 hour performance YOU will be asked, "Whodunit?!" If you are correct, you win prizes!

Friday, Sept. 19th 10pm
$10 in advance, $15 at the door





Saturday, Sept. 20th 10pm
$10 in advance, $15 at the door

FreakHappening with Laurie Kilmartin


Freak Happening with Laurie Kilmartin

1 pm

  • See toys become GIANTS in the Vacuum Tube!!

  • The Amazing Disappearing Test Tube

  • Dry Ice bubbles!

  • Witness steel that melts in your hand!

  • A science demonstration like no other!

About the show:
The show is a hands on demonstration of the EXCITING and FUN parts of science - FIRE - EXPLOSIONS - FUNNY STORIES! Performed in the round.