The Seance

NO ONE under 18 admitted.

October 29th - 8pm, 10pm and Midnight
October 30th - 8pm, 10pm and Midnight
October 31st - 8pm and Midnight

$25 at the door / $20 online

Pay what you can.
1 pm


Here Comes The Circus!


Join us in the center ring and watch a colorful cast of circus characters perform and entertain you with marvelous feats and daring routines!

Watch Lance, the cowardly lion, walk the tightrope! Stripes the clown, soar through the air on the flying trapeze! Joey, the roller skating monkey, zipping around on bananas! We’ve even managed to bring a whole pink elephant with us! 

The show features a full cast of bright, friendly, fun marionette characters performed by Marc Dunworth, a talented and skilled puppeteer with over a decade of experience.

“Here Comes the Circus!” will charm and delight, captivate and marvel you and your children. You’ll be clapping for more, and leaving the show with memories that will last a lifetime.

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